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Dustless Sanding

Have you been wondering how to restore your hardwood flooring? We are a company that is committed to providing the best services and we will restore your wood floor to its original beauty. Our hardwood floor sanding Minneapolis service is known to restore the wood floor and also give them a new look.

One of the most important parts of the floor refinishing is the sanding. This is the process that we will use to remove all the signs of wear and tear on your floor. With floor sanding, you will be left with a smooth and unformed surface.

During the sanding process, dust will be produced in most cases. With the conventional floor sanding processes, there is a lot of dust and this can be quite unhealthy. There will be a lot of debris and dust to clean after the process. When there is too much dust, there may be serious problems in the refinishing and the results may not be to the expected quality.

Fortunately, we are a company that has taken dustless floor sanding to a whole new level, with our dustless sanding system. We will make use of cutting-edge technologies to refinish your wood floor and give you excellent outcomes.

What Dustless Sanding Entails

Dustless sanding Minneapolis is one of the latest technologies used in floor sanding. With our effective dustless sanding system, we will be able to contain most of the dust that is produced. With the traditional floor sanding, there is a lot of debris and dust that is produced and this will affect the air quality. The dust will also leave a lot of mess on your property, which will require deep cleaning. With the system that we use, over 95% of the dust will be controlled. Our floor sanders come with a vacuum attached. This means that there will be virtually no dust on your property, which results in a faster, cleaner and efficient sanding process.

The dustless floor sanding comes with a number of benefits and this is why most homeowners prefer it. This will produce very little or no dust at all and as such, your environment will be safe. You do not have to leave your home during the floor refinishing process.  Our crews are able to work faster and with more precision since the dust is not a hindrance. At the end of the process, there will be very little cleaning to be done, because most of the dust will be captured. We will leave you with a clean home, with restored hardwood floors by hardwood floor repair Minneapolis.

Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing

We are skilled floor refinishing and floor repair experts and we are fully equipped to complete the work efficiently. We have the latest and modern floor sanders, with the options to suck up all the dust, leaving you with clean and tidy floors. With the dustless sanding system, you will get to see our quality workmanship. Contact us today and allow us to refinish your wood floors using our expertise and skills. We look forward to serving you.